Free Resources for Art Teachers

Feel free to make a copy of this document to use in your classroom. Click to copy If you do use it, let me know how it works out for you. I would love to see pictures of your version in action. Tweet to me @whoartedpodcast

My Art Idea Lab

This is a resource I created for my students to support them during remote and hybrid learning, but it could also work beautifully in person if you want a choice based classroom with a bit of structure and guidance. I put together a slide document with video lessons demonstrating how to create a range of different projects using materials many students have available to them at home or in daycare and a number of other settings. Each lesson has learning targets, space to post a picture of their completed work and some audio instructions to help studnets navigate the document.

Some of My Favorite Projects:

On my Youtube channel, I post videos I use in my classroom. Most videos I kept silent so I could speak and respond to the class when presenting and so students could review the steps independently without disrupting those around them. You can find many more videos on my YouTube channel and if you like my work, please like and subscribe.

This quickly became one of my absolute favorite projects. I have found students have lots of fun and are highly successful designing their own emojis. In my classroom I try to present this project as an option on World Smile Day in honor of Harvey Ball, the artist who gave us the iconic smiley face design.

Classroom Art History Playlist

These are some of the episodes that have gone over well in class. Playing a short podcast episode can be a great way to keep kids a little quieter while they are working independently on their projects, and they can learn some art history at the same time.

Find my Art History for the Classroom playlist on Spotify